slipknots for casting on

slipknots for casting on

slipknots for casting on

So, you wanna learn how to knit. This is step 1.

Beginners and experienced knitters alike use a slipknot to begin casting on. It may look a little intimidating at first glance, but once you learn and get it down, you’ll see how simple it is. If this is a helpful guide for you, check out our Learn to Knit Kit, which uses the same little drawings and instructions! 

Also, this is a life skills knot, as other hobbies may require them as well. For example, I used a slipknot while rock climbing the other day. I said “Hey!! You guys!! This is knitting 101!!” Anyway…

to begin:

Tie a loose, basic, overhand knot. Leave about six inches of yarn at the end of the

Create a slipknot by slipping the end of the yarn back into the knot and pulling the it tight (but not too tight).
Stick your needle into the loop you created. The needle should fit snuggly in the loop. If the loop is too big, pull the end of your yarn and move the knot closer to the needle to adjust it. 
That’s all, folks. Pretty dang simple, huh? My last piece of advice is to cut the little piece of yarn hanging off the knot (NOT the long spool end yarn) to about 1-2 inches long. Sometimes beginners accidentally grab that while knitting  and it causes a big headache.
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